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Sinus Dilation Made Simple

The SinuSys Vent-Os System provides simple, low-pressure dilation of the sinus ostia.

  • Simple two-step insertion and removal
  • Guided and illuminated dilator placement for frontal procedures
  • Gradual, low-pressure osmotic expansion
  • Designed for maximum patient tolerability under local anesthesia
  • Demonstrated long-term patency 1
(1) A Pilot, Open-label Study to Assess the Safety and Performance of a Maxillary Sinus Ostium Self-Dilation Device. Iain Hathorn MB ChB FRCSEd (ORL-HNS); Al-Rahim Habib BSc; Rachelle Dar Santos BSc, CCRP; Amin Javer MD FRCSC; St. Paul’s Sinus Centre, Vancouver, Canada. Combined Otolaryngology Society Meeting (COSM) 2013, Poster# 2-093.

Not commercially available in the United States.

Vent-Os Product Ordering Information
Item # Description
SNS1-015-INTL Sphenoid Sinus Dilation System, Unilateral
SNS1-070-INTL Frontal Sinus Dilation System, Unilateral
SNS2-070-INTL Frontal Sinus Dilation System, Bilateral
SNS1-110-INTL Maxillary Sinus Dilation System, Unilateral
SNS2-110-INTL Maxillary Sinus Dilation System, Bilateral
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