• Sinus Dilation Made Simple

    Sinus Dilation Made Simple

    Vent-Os® Sinus Dilation System
  • Vent-Os<sup>®</sup> Sinus Dilation System

    Vent-Os® Sinus Dilation System

    Simple, low pressure self-expansion technology
  • Expanding In-Office Treatment Options for Sinusitis

    Expanding In-Office Treatment Options for Sinusitis

    Vent-Os® Sinus Dilation System


Demonstration Video

buy cheap Pregabalin online Maxillary placement of the Vent-Os® Sinus Dilation System.
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http://peterstarkauthor.com/wp-content/plugins/contus-hd-flv-player/uploadVideo.php Fogarty Testimonial

Fogarty Testimonial

buy Ivermectin scabies online Thomas J. Fogarty, MD, inventor of the “Fogarty” embolectomy catheter, discussing why, as a patient suffering from chronic sinusitis, he chose the SinuSys’ Vent-Os dilation procedure as opposed to Sinuplasty.

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Vent-Os® Sinus Dilation System

The SinuSys Vent-Os System delivers simple, gradual, low-pressure sinus dilation via unique osmotic self-expanding technology. read more ->

The Vent-Os® Sinus Dilation System is an instrument intended to provide a means to access the sinus space and to dilate the maxillary sinus ostia and associated spaces in adults for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.