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Expanding treatment options for sinusitis

The SinuSys Vent-Os System delivers simple, highly-tolerable sinus dilation
via unique osmotic self-expanding technology.

  • Designed for maximum patient tolerability under local anesthesia
  • Simple two-step insertion and removal
  • Gradual, low-pressure osmotic expansion in 60 minutes
  • Demonstrated patency1
Additional Vent-Os Product information

Vent-Os Product Data Sheet
Vent-Os Technology White Paper
Vent-Os Clinical Study Summary

(1) Javer A, Catalano P, Gordon J, Saleh H; Long term outcome analysis of low pressure osmotic dilation of the maxillary ostia: 12 months follow up. American Rhinologic Society Annual Meeting 2014 Poster 059.
The Vent-Os® Sinus Dilation System is an instrument intended to provide a means to access the sinus space and to dilate the maxillary sinus ostia and associated spaces in adults for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

  • Elutes an anti-inflammatory steroid, mometasone furoate (MF)
  • Designed for simple in-office delivery and removal
  • Exhibits optimal kinetics: releases therapeutic levels of drug for >30 days
    • Existing technologies do not enable the sinus tissue to receive therapeutic doses of MF for more than 24-36 hours
    • Poor drug kinetics provide short-term, not sustained benefits
    • Corticosteroids are known to alleviate inflammation, diminish scarring and adhesions, if bioavailable for days rather than hours
  • Addresses a +$750MM annual US market opportunity

The Restora drug-eluting spacer is currently under development and not commercially available